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CLADON'S MUSIC is a Christian music company based in the Caribbean island of Trinidad.  For over twenty five years, CLADON,  managed by Claudine George and Donna Humphrey has provided musical services to many in the areas Vocal Coaching, Musical instrument Tuition, Audio Production and more.


Music Tuition   Vocal Coaching   Church Workshops   Accompaniment Tracks   Throat Products
Musical Instrument Tuition is offered for Electronic Keyboard , Guitar. and Drums Tuition is offered to all ages.


Vocal Coaching courses are offered for Adult beginners from 13 years upward.  Children 5 to 12 years can join our special "KddyVocals" course. There are also specialized advance courses and private coaching for those interested.
  We provide important information and effective tools for
your church's music department, group, choir or worship team.  Hire Us for Workshops, Seminars, Evaluation and In-house training, This is offered to all churches, gospel groups ,worship teams etc.
We have a large database of Accompaniment Tracks. Looking for that old vintage gospel song that is off the market? You may find it in our list.  We also have some of the recent popular gospel songs. Online purchase available.


Singers or speakers keep your throat and voice in good health with our throat products. We are dealers for Entertainers Secret Throat Spray and Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea.



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